Announcement re: Forfeits
Both U-18 boys teams forfeited their games on Sunday 7/25, due to insufficient players, and the coaches were not warned in advance.

Once the game schedule is final, each forfeit costs the club $75.00 + referee costs (another $85.00 in this case).

I understand these teams are not faring well, due to the combination of U15 and U18 into two U18 teams. The explanation for that action is found below. You may or may not agree with the action, but everyone knew at the start of the season that this was the plan.

When one of our teams forfeit a game, it is a poor reflection on the whole club, in addition to the financial hit. I hope these teams will plan to field a full squad for their remaining games.

If this absenteeism continues to cause additional forfeits, the club will have to look at recovering the unexpected expenses that they cause. Unfortunately, it's possible that this will affect people who did not cause the issue in the first place, but these forfeit fees are significant, and were not planned for.

Thank you,
Dave Maul

Summer U18 Boys' teams
Why did we create two U18 Boys teams for the summer, comprised of U15 and U18 boys?

The U15 boys had 12 players signed up -- not enough to field a team (given typical absences due to vacations, etc.) We were about to cancel that age bracket, leaving those twelve players with no soccer at all this summer.

The U18 boys, on the other hand, had 21. This is one short of the maximum, and guaranteed less playing time for many players on that team.

The four summer coaches (two U15 and two U18) got together and proposed the solution that we used. The two U18 coaches are the ones who will guide the Varsity team in the fall, so they will live with the results. They knew that more players playing was better for the overall development of the squad.

Dave Maul
PMSC President

Karns' Varsity/JV Speed Camp
Here is the flyer and registration form for Coach Karns' speed camp in August. NOTE: Camp flyer has been updated to indicate that this year's camp is for rising JV and Varsity players only.