Indoor Tournament Calendar
Reminder that Pal Mac Soccer hosts the Western NY Indoor soccer calendar on its website.

There, you can see the pre-season poll of how many clubs plan to HOST or ATTEND indoor tournaments this winter, as well as the calendar of planned tournaments. There are only a few posted so far, but it's early ... Fingers crossed!

Indoor Soccer
I know most people are still pre-occupied with fall soccer, as it should be, but if you are looking ahead to the indoor season:

Registration is open at

Girls grade 3-5 Mondays 6:00pm   Intermediate School
Girls grade 6-7 Tuesday 7:30pm   Intermediate School
Girls grade 8-9 Mondays 6:00pm   Middle School
Girls grade 10-11 Mondays 7:30pm Middle School

Boys grade 3-5 Tuesdays 6:00pm Middle School
Boys grade 6-7 Mondays 7:30pm   Intermediate School
Boys grade 8-9 Thursday 7:30pm Intermediate School
Boys grade 10-11 Tuesday 7:30pm Middle School

The approximate starting dates are shown during registration, but this represents gym availability. The coaches will notify registrants of the actual starting date.

Not all age groups have identified coaches yet, but we hope we are close.