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Answers to questions received via email (will add more as they come in):

  1. How many 9-year olds are allowed on the U11 teams? There is no actual quota or limit. If the team fills up, preference will be given to 10- and 11-year olds, because they have no other options. Any player who makes a team at the U11 level will play, roughly as much as any other player.
  2. What does U11, U13, etc. mean?
    U11 means a max soccer age of 11, i.e. born 2010 or later.
    U13 means a max soccer age of 13, i.e. born 2008 or later.
    U15 means a max soccer age of 15, i.e. born 2006 or later.
    U18 means a max soccer age of 18, i.e. born 2003 or later. Players must not already have graduated high school, regardless of age.
  3. How often are games? practices? Games are twice a week for 5 weeks between mid-June and end of July.
    Practices: typically there are about 5-10 of them, beginning in May. They don't often continue once the games begin, however that is up to the coach.
  4. Which nights will my kid play? The league schedule is nominally set as defined here. But lots of things (field availability, team conflicts, holidays, etc. can cause games to occur on different nights.
  5. What are some of the travel locations? You can see all the clubs (and therefore locations) of all clubs who have been in this league for the past few years, by looking at the league website. Then you can choose 2019 or other recent years. We don't yet know who will be in the 2021 league, but travel is never more than ~45 mins or so away.
  6. Why is soccer so expensive this year? The costs are the same as 2020 (which was cancelled), except that 2021 is a "uniform year", so there is $30 per player for new uniforms. This happens every two years. In 2019, the most recent "uniform year", uniforms were between $25 and $30, depending on when they were ordered.